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Hello and welcome to EPCA. We are an online resource and organization that is dedicated to the advocacy of assisted suicide. In order to provide our readers and communities with proper information that they can benefit from, we have had to spend countless hours researching and studying up pertinent facts and discussions.

In our journey, we’ve come across several that we found to be really helpful. Since we are a resource that is dedicated to sharing information, we wanted to share a couple of useful links with you.

Lost All Hope

This is a website dedicated for those that feel like they have lost ‘all hope’. They have a lot of useful discussions about those that consider suicide as an option. This isn’t just restricted to assisted suicide. This also refers to the basic concept of suicide. They have help lines that is dedicated to helping those who feel that they have nothing worth living for despite being completely healthy.

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Compassion and Choices

This website is for those who are really looking into assisted suicide. Much like us, they have discussions which elaborate on the merit and basic information of assisted suicide. For anyone considering making that decision, this is one resource that would be helpful

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Do you have a useful link that go to for further reading and information about assisted suicide? If so, please let us know. We would be glad to add your link here after we verify the usefulness of your submission. Let’s all work together to make sure that there is more useful information going around.