It’s Not about Them: Your Right to Die the Way You Choose

- It’s Not about Them: Your Right to Die the Way You Choose

Welcome to an extremely personal post about the topic of assisted suicide. We wanted to have an intimate conversation with anyone who was thinking of choosing assisted suicide. We fully understand that just because you are thinking of assisted suicide that it is not something that you may go forward with.

The simple idea of choosing to end a life—especially your own can seem like an alien concept. However, it just so happens that there are certain circumstances that may lead us into thinking that it sounds like a very, very good idea.

We Hear You

We have had loved ones who were down on the same path. For a while, it truly seemed like an unreal sentiment. How could someone that we love choose to want to end their own life? Was life with us truly not worth living? How could they be so selfish?

At least, that’s the initial knee-jerk reaction. Then, we realized that this hurt existed simply because we loved them so and WE were personally afraid of no longer having them. Then we got to thinking, why would this person even consider the idea of taking their own life? Our initial reactions were made with our limited perception and did not manage to encompass the feelings of our loved ones.

It’s Okay

It is absolutely fine to feel as if you want to let go after enduring so much for so long. It’s also absolutely fine if you want to change your mind. We understand that this decision isn’t an easy one to make. You will be facing a lot of criticism and even the outright rejection of your idea.

This isn’t anything against you. Always remind yourself that this is not about them. They can play a big part in your life but this does not mean that they will always be with you for every single part of your life. They will not be carrying the same burden or facing the worst sort of ills as they ravage your body.


Your decisions are your own and no one else’s. The input of family, friends, and loved ones will be welcome but they should not decide for you. After all, no one can really understand what another person is going through—we aren’t mind readers. However, this does not mean that their thoughts and preferences should not dictate how your life must go—or in this case, end.

With all that we want to ask you, do you think you should have the right to die in the way you choose?