- Consultation

Are you considering the idea of assisted suicide?
Do you need more information before you make your decision?
Is there anyone in your immediate sphere that is in need of further discussion about assisted suicide?

Hello and welcome to EPCA.

As you may know, we are an online resource and organization that is dedicated to the advocacy of assisted suicide. We believe in empowered choices and respecting the options that were selected by the afflicted. We understand that this is truly a difficult point in several people’s lives and as such, we believe that more information is needed in order to come to the conclusion that is acceptable for the afflicted and their loved ones.

If you or anyone in your life requires more information regarding assisted suicide, you may be interested in our consultation services. Beyond being an online resource, we are also comprised of everyday people who happen to have professional experience with terminal illnesses.

To begin, we take a complete look at the patient record. We asses everything about the case; we believe that every piece of information is critical. We also take a closer look at the present care dynamic:

  • Who is caring for the afflicted?
  • What sort of setup is present?

We understand that those who are paying for the medication of the afflicted may feel that they have a degree of control or right towards controlling the decision of the patient. Our consultation experts do take this into account as well.

If there is anything you would like to ask, please reach out to us through 780-879-0300.