featured1 - The Difficult Talk: What Exactly Is Assisted Suicide?

The Difficult Talk: What Exactly Is Assisted Suicide?

- The Difficult Talk: What Exactly Is Assisted Suicide?

Living with illness can be a wholly terrible thing. Friends and family can try to sympathize but they can never really know the depths of the despair of someone who has to deal with a terminal illness. How could they, really? All they will ever know is how your illness affects them and their realm of existence.

Yes, it is difficult for them to witness how someone they love is ravaged by the effects of something that they cannot control. This is not a beauty contest of pain. What we are trying to say is that there isn’t anyone that can really understand the difficulty of living with terminal illness other than another people who is presently living through it.

So it is understandable that some of the decisions that an ill person makes can be something that is unfathomable for a loved one. These decisions can include how they may want to stop treatment or in a more grave sense, how they want to be released from the pain.

What Is Assisted Suicide?

There is such a negative stigma regarding the idea of suicide and rightly so. However, it is a common occurrence for those who undergo drastic changes in their life. Mostly, it is the infirm and the elderly that tend to think of suicide—especially when they are suffering through a grave malady.

Assisted suicide, in its strictest definition, refers to the act of suicide with the assistance of another person—usually a doctor.


Assisted Suicide is a viable option for anyone who is absolutely certain that they no longer want to live with what they are suffering through. If there is anyone in your life that is considering assisted suicide, do not impede their choice. The last thing they would want is to have their ideas brushed aside. Instead, open up a dialogue and empower each other with information to see if this is indeed the option that they want to take.

What would you do if someone you loved was considering assisted suicide?